Join our founding team

At we are building an operating system for tax. We are looking for founding team members to join us on this journey.

What is is the first-ever tool that empowers collaboration on global tax projects and helps achieve higher levels of compliance, efficiency and corporate social responsibility.

We do that by building a platform powered by new technology that allows for version controlled data to be easily collected, visualised and managed.

We're not taking a traditional, incremental approach. We are working on a new collaborative platform which will break through the current status quo in the tax world. We believe that there needs to be a fundamental shift in how organisations manage tax, stay compliant and transparent.

Who we are

Our team comes from tax, legal, engineering and product design worlds. We are a fully remote team from 🇧🇪, 🇳🇱, 🇱🇹 and 🇧🇾. Building software products is our passion and we love doing that in an environment that is welcoming and motivating. Good vibes only ✌️.

We are looking to add more folks with different backgrounds across European time zones.

We're funded by well known early stage investors and are ready to kick some... 🙌

What we stand for

We strongly believe that the tools we use on a daily basis should empower us to be creative and efficient, hence product design is at the core at

Design relies on a constant idea flow and we believe that the best ideas come from a vast number of neurons firing together. The more diverse the connections, the more interesting the solutions can be brought to life. Therefore we value diversity in perspectives, background and experiences as that allows us to draw inspiration from all the different places which puts us at an advantage over existing ways of doing things. 

"Moving fast is great, as long as you slow down at every turn - Scott Belsky

We focus on testing and validating those ideas quickly but do not shy away from getting the crucial parts of the product just right.

We want everyone at to feel engaged and proud of what we're all building. We believe that we can achieve that by building a culture of openness and transparency. We strive to be able to share honest feedback with each other which will help us grow together.

Oh, and we are not building a tool that optimises tax for multinationals, we are building a tool that enables organisations to take up responsible tax behaviour.

Join our founding team

We are at a very exciting point of journey. There's lots of things to figure out still. We're looking for ambitious, hungry folks to help us build the next-generation platform for tax from the early days by joining our founding team.

If there isn’t an open position for you, you can also send us an open application to with a little about yourself and how you think you could contribute.